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Bring Kim To You

Interested in bringing Kim to your group?  This page has everything that you need to know!

If you have any questions or are looking to book a program, contact Kim and make an appointment to talk.

Kim has 20 + years of experience as a speaker and trainer, and gives approximately 100 workshops each year.  She is used to customizing programs within reason in order to meet the needs of your group.  Generally, a group will choose one of the themes that is described here on the site, and then from that framework, time spent sharing, journaling, walking, writing, being alone and together, praying or using guided imagery, writing prompts etc. can all be arranged to your satisfaction and your timeline for the day or weekend.

Bring Kim To You

Participants in Spiritual Poetry Circles have included:

  • Spiritual directors, companions, and guides
  • Seekers
  • People in recovery
  • Campus ministers from all spiritual traditions
  • Writers with a spiritual bent
  • Contemplatives
  • Persons who work with the Homeless
  • Pastoral and spiritual care providers including those who visit the sick or homebound
  • Chaplains
  • People who are spiritual, but church affiliation is not for them
  • Yoga instructors
  • Retreat center directors and staff
  • High School teachers and campus ministers
  • Hospice Workers
  • Health care providers who come as part of their self-care
  • Persons interested in holistic body-mind-spirit
  • Social workers
  • Persons who practice mindfulness
  • Lay and ordained clergy who use the poems in preaching
  • Art therapists
  • Therapists and other mental health providers
  • Life coaches
  • Mindful lawyers, social justice workers, peacemakers, and more
  • Contemplatives
  • Persons who enjoy keeping a journal, and who use the poems as prompts
  • Work-life balance human resource personnel
How about you?  Is there a theme here that speaks to your heart?

Kim tailors her approach to your audience. She is comfortable and eager to engage with your group in one (or all!) of three ways:

1. To offer a more “retreat” focused day, in which she facilitates the Poetry Circle, and invites people into it.  Participants can sink into the experience of meeting the sacred in poetry for a half or whole day (usually 3 to 6 hours) as you choose.

2. To offer a taste of the poetry circle experience, and then share with professionals in ministry, health care and hospice workers, therapists, spiritual directors, and interested others the HOW of leading a Spiritual Poetry Circle.  Attention can be paid to becoming a skilled facilitator yourself, and Kim can offer guidance on the method, where to find resources, how to gather a group, how to prepare the space, how to spread the word and market the poetry circle, setting the tone, encouraging participation, setting boundaries and guidelines for the group….you get the idea!

3. To offer a full weekend retreat. On Friday night, Kim will give a 2 hour presentation tailored to the audience’s needs as you envision them. On Saturday, an immersion (retreat type) experience from of 4 to 6 hours OR a full day workshop for continuing education credits for professionals. On Sunday, for a reasonable additional stipend,Kim can preach at 1 worship service if you wish it. This usually would consist of weaving some poems and reflections in with the themes of the readings of the day, unless you prefer some other arrangement.

Kim is glad to talk to you or your committee about this, so email your questions or make an appointment to talk. Once the agreement is satisfying to all, Kim will send a contract outlining the agreement, costs, cancellation fees etc. for the clarity and comfort of all parties concerned.  For more information, see Travel and Fees.