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About Kim


Kim has just completed a 2 year program at the Haden Institute, becoming certified as a Spiritual Director/Companion. Haden has deepened her love for group spiritual direction, using poetry as the springboard for the “deeper dive” that so many seekers are looking for.  She appreciates each participant who arrived at a retreat saying “I don’t know anything about poetry”…and who departed saying “When can we do this again!?” It’s a joy and a privilege to be with kindred spirits, as they move from beginners to enthusiasts and meet themselves in the sacred moment.

After years of discernment with the help of her own spiritual companion, Sister Fran, Kim responded to a swift kick from the divine and founded WordSPA.  WordSPA is a vehicle for sharing the joys of this work with others who feel drawn to enrich their pastoral care practice, or support their own personal journey by gathering for nourishing group spiritual direction with poetry at its heart.

She is blessed to enjoy loyal clients for whom she facilitates 100+ retreats and workshops annually.  President of her own speaking/training/coaching company, LifeBalance Enterprises, Inc. for 20 years, Kim is also a Certified Pastoral Minister through the Cleveland Catholic Diocese, and feels at home with her friends in a multiverse of worshipping communities.

Her avocation and passion is assisting wisdom seekers on their spiritual journeys using poems as a springboard into silence, reflection, and rich mindful conversation. Kim is grateful to the Centering Space retreat center and the Inspirit spiritual direction group (sisters in faith(s) for more than 20 years!) who have supported and encouraged her in this ministry.  Respected colleagues at the Haden Institute for spiritual direction likewise got busy helping to remove hurdles so that the work could leap forward.

Kim earned an M.Ed. from Duquesne University and a B.A. in English with a cluster in poetry from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  It’s entirely possible that she fell in love with the well-crafted word from an early age thanks to a birthday book (Louis Untenmeyer’s Golden Treasury of Poetry) from a special aunt and a mom who encouraged the reading of it.

She is working on a book that will serve as a practical guide for those who wish to begin facilitating spiritual poetry groups for the healing of hearts and the up-building of the world.