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Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for nurses, social workers, teachers, and others who need them

Offering Continuing Education Units can encourage participants to attend your event. Professionals who need CEU’s are accustomed to pre-registering and pre-paying for these types of programs, and can usually be counted on to follow through and attend the event.

Kim has offered CEU’s for nurses, social workers, and senior care facility administrators for many years, and depending on the program that your organization chooses, you may be able to apply to various professional or ministerial Boards for Continuing Education Credit.

Kim is happy to provide a template for certificates, sign in sheets, and evaluations if your board requires them which you can adapt to your board’s satisfaction. You will have to make the actual application to the board.

Some boards require “lead time” of 1 to 3 months (or more), and may require pre-approval of your paperwork in order to grant CEU’s. The responsibility for execution in a timely way of any CEU application will belong to your organization, and not WordSPA. Kim can supply the objectives and descriptions needed to help you to apply.