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Fees and Travel

Kim welcomes the opportunity to work with the budgets of retreat centers and houses of worship. She can suggest ways of partnering with other organizations to piggyback on their bookings, so that everyone saves on travel fees or splits the speaking fee.

You can also learn tips for pricing your program for individual attendees, getting a sponsor for the event, or sharing the fee across multiple organizations, if this is helpful.

Contact Kim to discuss creative ways that have worked for others!


Weekend Retreat = $1,000 plus travel expenses and lodging, includes:

  • Friday evening 2-hour presentation tailored to the audience’s needs as you envision them.
  • Saturday retreat-type immersion experience from 4-6 hours OR a full-day workshop for continuing education credits for professionals.
  • Sunday preaching at one worship service that weaves poems and reflections into the themes of the day’s readings. Give yourself a week off from preaching while bringing a fresh face to your congregation.

Shorter Programs
These offer a taste of the poetry circle experience, to be shared with professionals in ministry, health care and hospice workers, therapists, spiritual directors and interested others. Examples of appreciated programs:

– Mother’s Day tea and a poetry circle
– Festive refreshments and an Advent or Christmas poetry circle
– A celebration of how to be present in pastoral care

Six-hour Saturday Retreat = $550 to $800 depending on group size

Three-hour Weekend Morning or Afternoon Program = $300 to $500 depending on group size

Two-hour Evening Program = $250


Kim also offers Continuing Education Units – more details

With permission, you are encouraged to copy the descriptions of programs, Kim’s professional photo, the “What is a Spiritual Poetry Circle?” description, testimonials from past participants, and anything else from the WordSPA website that helps your marketing efforts. Kim also has sample flyers to assist you.

Kim is glad to discuss and clarify the details with you or your committee, including fees, materials, cancellation policy, etc.

Email your questions or make an appointment to talk.