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Travel and Fees

Kim wants to work with the budgets of retreat centers and houses of worship. She can suggest ways of partnering with other organizations to piggy back on their bookings so that everyone saves on travel fees or splits her speaking fee.  Don’t hesitate to call or email to discuss creative ways that have worked for others in combining talents to bring Kim to town.

Her weekend retreat fee is $1,000 plus travel expenses and lodging, and for this fee she will offer:

  • On Friday night, Kim will give a 2 hour presentation tailored to the audience’s needs as you envision them.
  • On Saturday, an immersion (retreat type) experience from of 4 to 6 hours OR a full day workshop for continuing education credits for professionals.
  • On Sunday, for a reasonable additional stipend,Kim can preach at 1 worship service if you wish it.  This usually would consist of weaving some poems and reflections in with the themes of the readings of the day, unless you prefer some other arrangement.

Other customizable options include a 2 hour evening program (fee is $250),  a weekend morning or afternoon 3 hour program  (fee is $300 to $500 depending on the group size), or a Saturday one day retreat of 6 hours  (fee is between $550 and $800 depending on the size of the group).  These programs are designed to offer a taste of the poetry circle experience, to be then shared with professionals in ministry, health care and hospice workers, therapists, spiritual directors and interested others the HOW of leading a Spiritual Poetry Circle. Kim also offers Continuing Education Units – see here for more details.

Kim is happy to discuss tips for pricing for individual attendees, getting a sponsor for the event, or sharing the fee across multiple organizations, if that would be useful.

Local events have no mileage charge for a 30 minute drive.  Standard IRS mileage rate for drives over 30 minutes. Kim is located in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

If the organization makes the copies of the handouts there is no additional fee for these materials.   Kim provides a pdf of the handouts to make it easy for you to make copies.

Kim has sample flyers to assist you in your marketing efforts.  You are encouraged to copy descriptions of programs, Kim’s professional photo, the “What is a Spiritual Poetry Circle?” description, testimonials from past participants, and anything else that helps your marketing efforts from the WordSPA website with permission and a blessing!

Kim is glad to talk to you or your committee about this, so email your questions or make an appointment to talk.

Once the agreement is satisfying to all, Kim will send a contract outlining the agreement, costs, cancellation fees etc. for the clarity and comfort of all parties concerned.