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Facebook Photo Update (Posted on January 12, 2020 at 11:31PM)

Reported in the Washington Post:

Food and poetry have a delicious connection. Remember when William Carlos Williams apologized for eating those sweet, cold plums, which you were probably saving for breakfast? But too often we snobbily imagine that literary sustenance is a luxury not a necessity. The Poetry Society of America couldn’t disagree more. Since the fall of 2018, the society has supplied poems that can be distributed with food by Meals on Wheels chapters. “We’re not blind to the fact that people have material needs,” says Matt Brogan, Executive Director of the Poetry Society of America. “But that is not the end-all and be-all of what folks need. The poems don’t replace actual nourishment, but they provide a different kind — this emotional, intellectual element that I think people crave.” He notes that the poems, printed on small cards, are intended “to break a sense of isolation between the recipients and the outside world.” The society is now working with three Meals on Wheels chapters in New York and California — and is actively looking for more. Beth Shapiro, executive director of Citymeals on Wheels in New York, tells me she immediately loved the idea. “What we deliver is more than a meal,” she says. “It’s a check-in and it’s a visit.” These poems — by Walt Whitman, Sara Teasdale and contemporary poets as well — are “a great way to take the written word and bring it to people who might be hungry for it.” Although she’s received calls and letters of thanks, she says, “The best is to go into a meal recipient’s home and see the poems on their refrigerator. It’s just wonderful and warming.” Give me a minute; I seem to have something in my eye

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