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Odes to Ordinary Things – An eBook! – Gratefulness.org

Link: Odes to Ordinary Things – An eBook! – Gratefulness.org – I’ve been getting a daily email from gratefulness.org for over a year now and while I confess I don’t open each one, when the subject line calls to me, it’s a little bright spot in a sometimes anxiety filled world. My life changed for the better when I read Gratefulness, the heart of prayer by Brother David Steindl-Rast, whose work is the inspiration behind this organization. I urge my facebook friends to like their page and bring more authentic hope and happiness into your life. Below is a book of poetry…the daily emails and facebook posts often include a poem…that comes out of their ministry. Right now they are registering folks for a webinar series for only $10 that teaches participants about how to begin or strengthen a gratitude practice. This group is making the world a better place!

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