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Resources | WordSPA

Link: Resources | WordSPA – Hello to new members of our community who have LIKED the WordSPA page! Facebook used to send me a notification with your names so that I could welcome you personally, but I’m not getting those anymore, which I regret. Still, I hope that you will participate in commenting on the poems that I post periodically, because it enriches the discussion and reflection of our 300+ members of the WordSPA community. We sure have grown since I opened this page just a few years ago, and of course, we keep growing.

Just last week I had the joy of meeting several people who were new to mindful reading of poetry who joined me at an Advent Poetry Circle at the Jesuit Retreat House…and the evening was rich, and warm, and still with me as the Season unfolds. How poetry opens hearts! It never fails to fill me with admiration and gratitude that the carefully “word-smithed” work of poets goes out into the world and does good work. Visit http://ift.tt/2gyDG1B to find poems from Advent poetry circles that you can use for prayer, reflection or journal prompts to keep you centered if you are someone who celebrates the season. If you are not a Christian, you may enjoy many of the other poems, especially those from past Winter themed poetry circles.

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