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Resources abound for those interested in dipping their toes (or diving headfirst) into poetry! Likewise, and perhaps more importantly, a multitude of helpful resources exists for those engulfed in, working through, and guiding others through the grieving process.

Kim Langley is not affiliated with or compensated for referring any of the following resources. She simply believes in their value and wants to share them.


Favorite Poems – Not sure where to begin? Read some of Kim’s favorite poems!

Poetry Articles – Want to expand your spiritual journey? Explore spiritual poetry through these articles, and share them with others!

Poetry Books – Accessible books of poetry to help us work through, endure, relate and share.

Poetry Links – Explore some of Kim’s favorite poetry resources from around the web.

Poetry Circle Handouts – Sample handouts for those who facilitate poetry circles.


Grief Articles

Grief Support Links – Other websites that offer support and understanding through our grief process.

Grief Support Books – Other books that minister eloquently and compassionately to the grieving.