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WordSpa Photo Update (Posted to Facebook on January 31, 2016 at 09:57PM)

Thanks to Liz Beasley for sharing this poem…eager to hear your comments!

The House of Gathering

If old age is a house of gathering,
then the hands are full.
There are old trees to prune
and young plants to plant,
there are seeds to be sown.
Not less of anything
But more of everything
To care for,
To maintain,
To keep sorted out,
A profusion of people
to answer, to respond to.

But we have been ripening
to a greater ease,
Learning to accept
That all hungers cannot be fed,
That saving the world
May be a matter
of sowing a seed
Not overturning a tyrant,
That we do what we can.

The moment of vision,
The seizure still makes
Its relentless demands:

Work, love, be silent.

By May Sarton, from her book “The Silence Now” published 1988.

Thanks to Carole Calladine for the generous use of her photo.

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