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WordSpa Photo Update (Posted to Facebook on July 12, 2016 at 04:00PM)

Here’s a poem of encouragement to the many hearts that are opening up in new ways as a result of the painful events of last week. I heard some radio coverage of sermons preached in Dallas that gave me hope that communities are trying hard not to waste this pain, but to bring something more whole from it…

On the Ridge

We can grow by simply lis-
tening, the way the tree on
that ridge listens its branches
to the sky, the way blood
listens its flow to the site
of a wound, the way you
listen like a basin when
my head so full of grief
can’t look you in the eye.
We can listen our way out
of anger, if we let the heart
soften the wolf we keep in-
side. We can last by listening
deeply, the way roots reach for
the next inch of earth, the way
an old turtle listens all he hears
into the pattern of his shell.
— Mark Nepo

Excerpted from Reduced to Joy by Mark Nepo.

Photo by Kim Langley

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